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Dell Optiplex 740 Power Supply – Get the Best 275W SFF Supply

KSh 1,500.00

275W Power Supply for Optiplex SFF Models 740 745 755

(1) 24-Pin ATX Power Connector
(1) 4 Pin +12V Power Connector
(1) SATA Power Connector
(1) Mini SATA Connector (P6)
(1) 4-pin Optical Power Connector

Compatible part numbers: RM117, PW124, FR619, WU142 ,HP-L2767FPI LF, DPS-275CB-1A, HP-U2757F331 LF, PS-5271-3DF1-LE, H275P-01, D275P-00, L275E-01, N275P-01, H275E-00

Today we are talking about the Dell power supply which is used for the Optiplex 755 system. The product is also compatible with the Dell Optiplex 745 model. As the name suggests it output a 275W voltage to run your system efficiently.


Brand Dell
Type Power Supply
Compatible Part Numbers OPW124 / DPS-275P-00 / KH620 /
RM117 / 0MH300
Power Output 275W
Compatible Model Dell Optiplex 755 / 745
Product Code 8337

Moreover, the product comes with its specific Connector which allows current to your system. The part number which is compatible with this power supply unit is OPW124 / DPS-275P-00 / KH620 / RM117 / 0MH300. We all know that choosing the best power supply for your system can prevent unnecessary restarting of your systems.

Just to remind you, there are three types of power supply which include AT Power Supply, ATX Power Supply, and ATX-2 Power Supply. For more components (hard drives, CD/DVD drives, tape drives, and ventilation fans) available in pc requires more power to run the system efficiently. So a standard power supply can deliver up to 350W of voltage.


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