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Lenovo Laptops casing

Original price was: KSh 8,500.00.Current price is: KSh 7,500.00.

Lenovo Laptop Models

  • LENOVO B40-70 B40-80
  • LENOVO B580 B590
  • LENOVO Z51-70 500-15ISK
  • LENOVO 100-15IBD
  • LENOVO 110-15ISK
  • LENOVO 310-14ISK
  • LENOVO 320-14ISK
  • LENOVO 330-14ISK
  • LENOVO 100-14IBY
  • LENOVO V310-15ISK
  • LENOVO 130-15ISK 330C-15ISK
  • LENOVO 320S-14ISK
  • LENOVO E40-70 E40-80
  • LENOVO B50-70 B50-80
  • LENOVO G50-70 Z50-70
  • LENOVO G500
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LENOVO B40-70 B40-80, LENOVO B580 B590, LENOVO Z51-70 500-15ISK, LENOVO 100-15IBD, LENOVO 110-15ISK, LENOVO 310-14ISK, LENOVO 320-14ISK, LENOVO 330-14ISK, LENOVO 100-14IBY, LENOVO V310-15ISK, LENOVO 130-15ISK 330C-15ISK, LENOVO 320S-14ISK, LENOVO E40-70 E40-80, LENOVO B50-70 B50-80, LENOVO G50-70 Z50-70, LENOVO G500


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