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Dell Optiplex 3060 Power Supply: Find the Best Deals Here!

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Model H260SM-001
Type ATX Form Factor
Dimension (L x W x H) cm 22.00 x 6.01 x 8.00 cm
AC Input 100-240V~/4.2A 50-60Hz
DC Output
  • +12VA / 2.5A MAX
  • +12VB / 2.5A MAX
Input Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Max Output Power 260W Max Power
Output Capacity 260W
Fan 1 Fan
  • P1 – 6Pin ATX Power
  • P2 – 4Pin ATX Power

Compatible Model No


  • D260A001L
  • D260E00L
  • D260E002L
  • D260E001L
  • L260AM-00
  • L260EBM-00
  • H260AM-00
  • H260EBM-00
  • H260AM-00
  • B260EBM-00
  • AC260EBM-00
  • C260AM-00
  • PA-2261-2DA
  • PA-2261-2DB

Dell Optiplex 3060 typically comes with a standard power supply unit (PSU) that provides the necessary power for the computer components to operate. The specific wattage and form factor of the power supply may vary depending on the configuration of your Optiplex 3060.

Common power supply options for the Dell Optiplex 3060 include:

  1. Standard ATX Power Supply: The Optiplex 3060 may use a standard ATX power supply, which is a common form factor for desktop computers. These power supplies are available in various wattages, such as 250W, 300W, 350W, etc., depending on the specific model and configuration of your Optiplex 3060.
  2. Dell Proprietary Power Supply: Some Dell Optiplex models, including the 3060, use proprietary power supplies designed specifically for Dell computers. These power supplies have custom connectors and may not be compatible with standard ATX power supplies. You would need to ensure that you get a power supply designed for Dell Optiplex systems if you need a replacement or upgrade.
  3. Small Form Factor (SFF) or Mini Tower (MT) Power Supply: The Optiplex 3060 comes in different form factors, such as Small Form Factor (SFF) and Mini Tower (MT). The power supply’s physical size and shape may differ between these form factors, so it’s important to get the appropriate power supply for your specific Optiplex 3060 model.

When replacing or upgrading the power supply in your Dell Optiplex 3060, it’s essential to check the wattage and form factor to ensure compatibility with your computer. Additionally, if you’re unsure about the specific power supply requirements for your Optiplex 3060 model,

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Compatible Dell Model


  • Dell Optiplex 3060 SFF/MT
  • Dell Optiplex 5060 SFF/MT
  • Dell Optiplex 7060 SFF/MT
  • Dell Optiplex 3070 SFF/MT

Compatible Part Number


  • 0H7X3F
  • 0FNWVY
  • 3YNRJ
  • 52CKC
  • TP18W
  • 8X63N
  • PJG3G


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